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      万博酒店管理顾问有限公司的前身是佛瑞斯酒店管理有限公司,成立于2003年,“万博”源于英文ONE POINT,意为“博万家之长而聚焦一个观点、一种理念”,并体现我们对所从事事业的执着与激情。她立足成都,面向全国,致力于为酒店、度假村、会所等提供前期策划、经营管理、酒店托管、酒店咨询与诊断、科学化管理系统导入、培训、创星级饭店辅导、创绿色饭店辅导、创主题饭店辅导。我们注重“务实、创新,为客户创造价值”,坚信“好的过程必定有好的结果”。
    One Point Hotel Management & Consultation Co., Ltd, formerly named Forest Hotel Management Co., Ltd, was founded in 2003. The English word “One Point” means that “it contains the good features of various schools but focuses on one view and one philosophy” and embodies our persistence in and passion for what we are doing. Focusing on Chengdu and covering the entire country, the Company is dedicated to providing hotels, holiday resorts and clubs, etc. with early stage planning, operation management, hotel trustship, hotel consultation and diagnosis, systematic introduction of scientific management, guidance on building star-level hotel, guidance on building green hotels and guidance on building theme hotels. We emphasize “being practical and innovative and creating wealth for clients” and trust that “good processes will necessarily lead to good results”.
    We take our clients’ needs as the guide and hire MBA elites and experts and professors to provide customized services to our clients, since each client is unique, each client is valuable and each client is our pride.
    One Point Hotel Management & Consultation Co., Ltd, will help clients solve any problem in hotel design and operation management, including how great scale is the hotel to be built? what form is the hotel to be built? how to design ?how to build ?how to operate and manage?how to reduce investment costs and operation costs, how to well train and establish the training system, how to build a star-level hotel, green hotel and theme hotel, how to improve the hotel’s core competence and how to stay undefeated in a keen competitive environment.
    Mr. Li Wanguo, a leader of the One Point management team, is a professor of the hotel industry and an expert of star-level hotel evaluation. With over two decades’ experience in the hotel industry, he has made significant achievements and has students everywhere. He is good at learning advanced management experience both at home and abroad during the hotel management and the training and the guidance practice in building star-level hotels; he has concluded One Point’s unique hotel training model, management model and procedures of building star-level hotels, etc., which has laid solid foundation for the scientific hotel management and won good remarks from the industry as well as receiving much praise from the owners.

    One Point Hotel Management & Consultation Co., Ltd, will join hands with our clients to create a beautiful future.

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电话:028-65884922 传真:028-85293450 邮箱:[email protected]
邮编: 610017 地址:成都市高新区花样年美年广场B座5F-568号
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